Too many shoes? 6 tips for easy storage


Modern shoes are made of many inexpensive and exotic materials that need to be cleaned in a specific way. If the correct cleaning methods are not used, the useful life of the shoes can easily be shortened. So let's look at the best alternatives for cleaning different materials:


Leather is a material that can benefit from regular cleaning. After each wear, it is good to give the shoes a dry to remove the most noticeable dirt and debris. Once dirt has been removed, they can be cleaned with a solution of saddle salt and water. This is a great way to revive your shoes, but it is important to avoid getting too wet.


Canvas sneakers can easily get dirty and pick up clay when used. The best way to clean these shoes is to wait until they are completely dry. A good cleaning solution is baking powder, detergent and a light wash brush. If the sneakers feel a little wet after cleaning, they can be filled with white paper without ink to shorten the drying time.


Rubber is probably one of the easiest materials to clean. This is a very durable and durable material to clean so it is relatively easy to get back the original, even if they become extremely dirty. However, there are some situations that need extra care when cleaning. For example, if they are covered in paint, it is still possible to clean, but it is necessary to use a mild detergent intended for this material.


Mesh is another material that is relatively easy to maintain. However, the net is likely to be combined with other materials, making it more difficult to clean. Generally, it helps to clean the other materials first and then concentrate on the web. The easiest way to clean nets is to simply create a mixture of soapy water and apply with a soft cloth.


Suede is a material that is difficult to maintain the similar new look because it will soon pick up the foam. A special brush must be used and clean the shoes only when they are completely dry. A specially made sucker is a good cure for treating the most difficult and stubborn brands. This type of shoe should also be given a regular application of protective spray to minimize problems when worn.