4 Stunning Tips: Shoes Vintage Downton Abbey Sweet Shoes Flats. Trendy Shoes Wedge

4 Stunning Tips: Shoes Vintage Downton Abbey Sweet Shoes Flats. Trendy Shoes Wedge …, #abbey #Stunning #downton #s

Ladies with big feet often despair that they will ever find long shoes that fit them above a size 10 lady. Sometimes it seems like finding shoes will be enough for a fight, let alone find shoes to get their feet to be attractive as well. One thing we women with bigger feet know is that the old word is true: big women's big shoes. It can be a real struggle to find big shoes and boots that fit and look good, or even hit big forest gold and make our big feet look smaller.

There are several useful techniques to use when choosing long shoes that fit your feet above a women's size 10. And when it comes to the ladies in size 13 and over who need the most help, the choice is sometimes most limited.

However, there are some real tricks and rules that can help big feet ladies choose long shoes over a size 10 lady. We have compiled a list of our favorites, which we have created from over 20 years & # 39; experience of buying and finding beautiful large shoes in large sizes.

1] If you can go high, then do

Many women with bigger feet tend to be tall as well, but generally such a high heel that you can handle is a great help to make your large size or long shoes look smaller and more elegant. Obviously it is bad to angle around and not be able to walk, so make sure you can really handle the heel height you choose

2] Choose a nude

A nude shoe can be a girl's best friend in ladies size 10 and up. Womens & # 39; Large shoes and boots can practically disappear when they are in nude color, which makes the leg look longer as it does not appear to run out and cause the foot to fade into the background as it was. This effect can be very helpful for large feet. And paired with navy or black clothing, nude shoes look extremely classic too.

3] Choose darker shades

Again, when choosing large shoes and boots for women with big feet, you can choose darker shades to go a long way to hide the long shoes. The darker shoe color helps the foot to become smaller in the same way that black clothes can be lost: It's an illusion, but an effective one.

4] Peep Toes is the way to go when choosing long shoes

Peep toes or cutaways towards your foot tip can help make your shoes over ladies size 10 appear smaller. The effect of revealing part of the foot means that less leather is visible and gives the illusion that the foot is slightly smaller.

5] Round and oval looks better for big shoes and boots than pointy ones

Well, the witch's pointed shoes are out. The hardest points can add a few pairs of inches to your already long shoe, not something many women in size 13 or over would want to encourage. Sticking to rounded or oval long shoes is really useful for hiding the foot size above a women's size 10.