15 Totally Unusual DIY Toilet Paper Holders

DIY Toilet Paper Holder with Shelf // Use this clever and functional toilet paper holder to keep small handy bathroom accessories or to create attractive displays. 15+ toilet paper ideas and diys. love the versatility of some of these.

Chicken coops are becoming very popular especially now that people want to stay as organic as possible. There's nothing better than waking up every morning with fresh eggs right at your table. The only problem is you have no idea where to start. I was in the same phase when I was just starting out and I had to bug my dad every time I would be at a loss in what I was doing. You know what I did wrong? Well I didn't come up with my hen coop plans before I bought the materials. I thought that as long as I have the basic materials then I can start constructing. Now I know that's wrong! A plan will guide you through everything, from the sketch to the materials to all the things you will need inside the chicken coop.

Opt for environmentally friendly materials. You are not only helping the world but you are also providing a healthier place for your chickens. Make sure you choose materials that will not cause any harm to you and your chickens. If you want to save a few dollars, why not look for a damaged siding from your local builder's supply?

So much for the materials and now you don't know exactly where to put your chicken coop. One of the most important things when it comes to hen coop plans is the location. It will be better if you can position it as far away from your neighbors as possible. They might not appreciate your chickens making some noises throughout the day or night. Just don't give them a reason to complain OK? Place it in a place where the chickens are going to get a lot of sunlight and as much as possible, away from a place that is going to be dangerous if there is a storm or hurricane. If you are worried about this, then opt for a movable chicken house.

Always provide your chickens with enough living space. You already know the rules and that is 3 foot square for every bird. Other things that should be included in your hen coop plans include ventilation, insulation, where to locate the nesting boxes and perches, food and water area, cleaning and maintenance and of course lighting.